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About Center:

Vasistha Yog Foundation is a dedicated foundation to promote Indic Wisdom in different societies across India and the World. Knowledge of Yog, Ayurveda, Architecture, Astrology, Culture, Different Philosophies, and other Sastras (Scriptures) are the unique intellectual heritage of human civilization beyond geographical boundaries. We are working for the promotion of education and learning in all branches more specifically in Philosophy, Yog, and cultural heritage. Vasistha Yog Foundation is an organization dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Indic Wisdom. This organization conducts workshops and classes on subjects like Yog, philosophy, astrology, culture, heritage etc. We have been working in the field of Yog for a long time and have trained thousands of people from across the world. In fact, in the Indian knowledge tradition, Yog is a philosophy that is not limited to mere physical exercise. Yog is the science that deals with the nature of consciousness and the method of transforming the ordinary human consciousness into the divine consciousness. The second object of Yog is the liberation of the soul or the self is related to what in psychology is called identification. While facing the challenges of life, one gets confused and does not know which step to take. A human being is essentially divine but can hear the call of the Higher in his heart only when the clamor and din of the chords of ‘1 want’ and ‘Give me subsides. For those lost in the bewildering sea of human existence, the scriptures are like a mariner’s compass which alone can guide us to a safe harbor of peace and bliss. And just as a mariner trusts the accuracy of the compass and follows it, we must pursue the path indicated in the scriptures, the spiritual guide who helps us to reach the state of perfection with faith and devotion.  The specialty of all dimensions of Indian knowledge is that the ultimate climax of all reaches only one point and that is self-realization. The basic objective of the sages who provided the Indian knowledge tradition was the welfare of human beings. Although this knowledge originated in India, it is of great importance for the entire humanity. The present time where the entire humanity is trapped in many types of mazes. At a time when every human being is confused about the purpose of life, nothing can be greater than this light of knowledge. This infinite light of knowledge is clearly contained in the Indic Wisdom (Arsha-Sutra) which has been guiding mankind for thousands of years. There can be no doubt in its authenticity because this civilization has continued to exist based on this knowledge. Presently we are offering courses on many scriptures that are available on our website. Vasistha Foundation is a charitable trust, Except for these activities, our trust is working in some other areas which are service to the society.

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