Sanatan Dharma: An eternal light for Humanity

  • Principles and Nature of Hindu Dharma
  • Aspects of Hinduism
  • Spirituality and Religion in Hinduism
  • Different Knowledge Tradition & sacred scripture
  • Hindu view of civilization
  • Hindu view on other faiths

Course Objective & Outcomes:

This course provides an in-depth introduction to Hinduism. It is one of the largest religions in the world, and the largest surviving pagan-polytheistic tradition, followed by over a billion people. The influence of Hinduism on the world is deeper than it seems at first look. Enriched with a profound pluralistic view, Hinduism emphasizes that the Truth is One but has many paths. Yet, despite its universality, Hinduism remains the most misunderstood of the world’s major religions, partly because of its antiquity and the vast extent of its teachings. This course will help anyone understand the spiritual heritage of humankind and the place of India among the greatest civilizations of the world, ancient and modern.

  • It will help to learn the origin and goals of Hindu Dharma. You will come to know about the Nature of the Divine in Hindu Dharma. You will also know about the most fundamental and defining principles of Hindu Dharma.
  • You’ll learn about the various aspects of Hindu Dharma, such as Yoga and meditation. You will also learn about the philosophy of Hindu Dharma and will get to understand the concepts of Vedanta and Advaita. You’ll get to know the meaning of mantras and rituals, the meaning of Sanskrit, and the importance of temples and pilgrimage in Hindu Dharma.
  • It is one of the largest religions in the world, but very few can exactly define Hindu Dharma. you’ll learn in this course, how to define Hindu Dharma and its various aspects including its scriptures, knowledge traditions, and deity forms.
  • You’ll learn the relationship between religion, tradition, and spirituality in Hindu Dharma and whether it is relevant to modern life and the modern world. You’ll get the answer to one of the most pertinent questions in modern times: are all religions the same?
  • Finally, you’ll learn Hindu Dharma in context of the civilizational order of the world. You’ll learn how the Hindu society functions and what is its take on economics, ecology and women. You’ll learn how Hindu Dharma is perceived and what to do about the problems which the Hindu Dharma faces today.

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